Many parents who live in the eastern area of Fukushima are concerned about safety of water and they feel uneasy about their children drinking tap water although the authoritis run tests regularly and verify that tap water is drinkable.
We delivered plastic bottles of water for these parents and gift wreaths to Soma nursery, Soma city Tamano elementary school and junior high school. Also we delivered
samples of Tupperwares from "Rubbermade".

We visited Soma nursery first.

111206soma_2.jpg 111206soma_1.jpg

In the parking lot, we transshipped bottled water to two small trucks and two vans.
The picture on the right is us standing in front of our car.

On our way to the elementary school in Tamano section, it started snowing.
As It was also windy, the cold pierced us all the more.

We arrived at the elementary school.

111206soma_4.jpg 111206soma_5.jpg

We delivered each wreath to the elementary and junior high schools.
The head master of the elementary school said,
"It's beautiful. Children would be pleased. Thank you."
As for the other wreath, we passed it to the vice headmaster of the junior high school.

The nursery ,the elementary and the junior high school are all in one site.
111206soma_7.jpg 111206soma_8.jpg
A kindergarten to which we planned to make delivery broke up in November, so we left the water in classrooms so that they can have them when they are back.

"People in this area used to live on the water from wells, but they use private water -supply system now and the authorities run a test on the water weekly. The radioactivity has not been detected so far. However some parents won't let their children drink it. So your support of water supply helps us greatly. "said the head master of the elementary school.

We think it's necessary to keep delivering bottled water for the time being.
We would appreciate your support to maintain our volunteer works.
※(NPOMEX is responsible for all articles. )

It's been more than 2 months since we started exercise programs at Soma nursery in October. Today we delivered a gift wreath of preserved flowers given in trust by "The Nippon Foundation" We also delivered 70 beanbags (network of needlework called "Chikuchiku kai" made for our exercise programs as a favour ) then started the exercises.

111202somahoikuen_1.jpg 111202somahoikuen_3.jpg

children with the wreath and beanbags.

We had done mat exercises previously, so we moved on to throwing exercises this time.


We used beanbags for these throwing exercises.
Children threw beanbags, aiming to get them through each decorated Hula-Hoop with an animal's face.

Children and nursery school teachers were very pleased with these gifts.
"Thank you for your support. Children are delighted and so are we.
Children tell their parents what they do here after they go back home,
so their parents will also pleased with the gifts and your work"
said Nakae, nursery school director.

Thank you for your corporation
《The Nippon Foundation》
Chikuchiku kai》 
session reports of "Chikuchiku kai" are on our blogs.


111201naganuma_1.jpg 111201naganuma_2.jpg

People in beginner's programs were divided into two groups for a passing ball exercise.
This exercise trains their abdominal muscles because they laugh so much during the exercise.

111201naganuma_3.jpg 111201naganuma_4.jpg

Squatting on intermediate level

People in intermediate level of exercise program.
Squatting on the left. Swiss Ball exercise on the right.
Their posture in squatting have been getting better.

People living in temporary housings need regular exercises
We sincerely appreciate your support.

It was chilly this morning. We organized exercise programs in another area of temporary housings in Minami-soma city. Regardless of the coldness, many people came to the gym energetically.
First class in the morning was beginners' program.

111117naganuma_1.jpg 111117namganuma_2.jpg

Each person's posture and the sense of balance are being improved steadily with radio gymnastics. During muscle training exercises, they seem to have become conscious of which muscle to train. With exercises with Swiss Ball, their muscles in abdomen and back have been trained reasonably, so we are increasing its intensity. After 30 minutes of fullbody exercise, we all sweated.
They went back homes with their bodies dressed warmly so as not to catch a cold.

Next program was for people in intermediate level.

111117naganuma_3.jpg 111117naganuma_4.jpg

Practice of squat motion in the left picture and training of balance on one foot in the right.

People in this class used to wobble in squat when they first started this program, but now they can crouch deeper than before. Also they can balance on one foot for longer time. We are increasing the intensity of exercises with Swiss Ball as beginner's exercises.


After we finished all the exercises, one elderly woman who attended our program came and showed us beautiful roses she had planted in a pot.
"We made a flower garden in here ( the area where temporary housing stand).
They are beautiful, aren't they ? ", she said.
There were many other potted flowers besides rose in the garden.

We hope our exercise programs be fun and enjoyable at the same time we introduce training we think they need for their health.

We will appreciate your support.

111114yushin_1.jpg 111114yushin_2.jpg

radio gymnastic exercises , stretching and squat training


training with Swiss ball to improve the sense of balance

We have started another exercise program at different gymnastic hall in Minamisoma, city in Fukushima. The number have been increasing steadily. It seems that those who attend this program have been becoming more conscious about their health. Some people have become conscious about their high blood pressure and their weight and are trying not to eat too much. Also after one month of this exercise program, their muscles are getting trained, their physical strength and the sense of balance have been improved. They are enthusiastic about exercises.
This shows that these people are trying to take care of their own health again as they are trying to get their lives back again.
We are going to go on our volunteer activities and we sincerely appreciate your support .

Today, Children at Soma Kindergarten and we went for a field trip. Our destination was "iiyu", a recreational park in the neighboring prefecture, Miyagi,county. This park offers a petting zoo, restaurants , hot spring spa and so on. People who visit this place can have great fun all day with various activities.
The reason why we chose this place is that children can play outside without worrying too much about the radioactivity. Soma Kindergarten is in the east part of Fukushima. So naturally any activitiy which involves playing outside has been restricted for children since the nuclear power plant accident.
And also train sections have been damaged due to the earth quake on March 11th, so the kindergarten has put off some field trips. When we heard about this, we decided to help the kindergarten and offer to bus them.

Today was sunny and mild, a perfect day for the field trip.

Children got on our bus with very good manner.

We stopped once for bathroom break on our way.

We got to "Iiyu",our destination. The first picture for souvenirs.

They are giving carrots to ponies.

They also gave carrots to goats. There were many other animals such as ducks, deer, pigs rabbits,cows and that. Children were fascinated by animals and playing outside.

After that, children sat on tatami mat and had lunch. They behaved so well.

Time passed in the blink of an eye and we headed for home safe and sound.

Their smiles were dazzling when they were playing outside without any worry all the more because they are not allowed to do so in their hometown in Fukushima.
On our way back they were all drowsy on the bus.
We really hope that the day will come when all the kindergartens can plan outdoor activities for children again as they used do before the disaster and children in the east area of Fukushima can play outside without any worry.
We will support them until the day comes.

111020minamisouma_2.jpg 111020minamisouma_3.jpg

It's been one month since we started our exercise programs for people living in temporary housings. The number of the participators rises and falls, depending on the climate or their temporary return to their homes (※1) but many people willingly attend our exercise programs which start at 9a.m. and 10a.m.. They seem to have got used to the exercises
"After the exercises, I feel better and I can move quickly "
These are the words of the participators who are looking forward to attending the programs every week.
"I've got to go and see a doctor, so I can't attend the program today, but next week
I'd like to come. "
Some people show up just to tell us that so that we know why they don't come to the programs of the day. People here are very kindhearted.They don't make us disappointed at their absence. And they want us to know that they're willing to come back next week.

Today, we handed out a "goal achievement" sheet to each participator.
We've made this sheet so that they can keep tabs on their blood pressure, body weight,body fat rate and such. These points are shown in graph charts, so participators can easily see their achievements of the exercises.
Also we asked them to set a goal in one month and a goal in a year.
At the moment, each participator is trying to reach the goal of this month.
(Each goal is set lower so that they can keep on doing exercises).

We'll appreciate your help and support.

※1:many people have been evacuated from their home because of their houses locate in 20 km radius of Fukushima daiichi nuclear power plant. Today,they were allowed to go back home for a couple of hours so that they can collect what they need : important ID cards or documents. Needless to say,they were obliged to wear protection gear),

In Minami Soma city, where the Mayer of the city issued a plea for help on You Tube in March and was named as one of the world's100 most influential people this year, are many temporary housings which have been built over the past several months after the massive earthquake.
Today, we delivered clothing as supplies to people whose temporary housings were a bit away from the centre of Minami Soma city. Today, members from other volunteer organisations helped us to provide clothing.

It was in June when we visited there for the first time. By the time, most people (76 households) had been settled in each temporary housing and the shops and supermarkets had started opening in the city centre, but there were some who had difficulty in going to the shops due to their old age or disabilities. That's why we went there for aid delivery.

110917minamisouma_1.jpg 110917minamisouma_2.jpg

We spread out second hand clothing that many people sent us for them on the floor of the community gymnasium, then visited their housings one by one, letting them know that they could get clothing in the gym. We also asked them to come 30 minutes later so that everyone could get items equally without time lag.

While we were selecting items together, we talked a lot with them.
"Thank you for coming."
"Although I haven't got used to living here yet, I feel better than before. "
"I've started taking a walk whenever the weather is good."
"I've put on my weight since I evacuated, and still haven't got into shape. "
Those were the words of people we met.


The picture above is us after we came back from the delivery work.

Although we provided supplies today, We think that the needs of the affected people are shifting from daily necessities to other things as most people have moved into temporary housings. For example, classes to encourage regular exercise for health or
recreational programs to make new relationship and social community would be needed.

We would like to support the affected people in Minami Soma city as long as we can. Due to the relatively close distance from the Fukushima Daiici Nuclear Power Plant,
(most parts of the city are within 20-30 radius), this area is still in need of support.

We will sincerely appreciate your support.
And many thanks to Fukushima Hamadori network
and Tortoise volunteer centre
and people who volunteered with us.


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