Exercise Programs in chilly Morning

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It was chilly this morning. We organized exercise programs in another area of temporary housings in Minami-soma city. Regardless of the coldness, many people came to the gym energetically.
First class in the morning was beginners' program.

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Each person's posture and the sense of balance are being improved steadily with radio gymnastics. During muscle training exercises, they seem to have become conscious of which muscle to train. With exercises with Swiss Ball, their muscles in abdomen and back have been trained reasonably, so we are increasing its intensity. After 30 minutes of fullbody exercise, we all sweated.
They went back homes with their bodies dressed warmly so as not to catch a cold.

Next program was for people in intermediate level.

111117naganuma_3.jpg 111117naganuma_4.jpg

Practice of squat motion in the left picture and training of balance on one foot in the right.

People in this class used to wobble in squat when they first started this program, but now they can crouch deeper than before. Also they can balance on one foot for longer time. We are increasing the intensity of exercises with Swiss Ball as beginner's exercises.


After we finished all the exercises, one elderly woman who attended our program came and showed us beautiful roses she had planted in a pot.
"We made a flower garden in here ( the area where temporary housing stand).
They are beautiful, aren't they ? ", she said.
There were many other potted flowers besides rose in the garden.

We hope our exercise programs be fun and enjoyable at the same time we introduce training we think they need for their health.

We will appreciate your support.


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