Shining Smiles of Kindergarten Children's on Their Field trip

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Today, Children at Soma Kindergarten and we went for a field trip. Our destination was "iiyu", a recreational park in the neighboring prefecture, Miyagi,county. This park offers a petting zoo, restaurants , hot spring spa and so on. People who visit this place can have great fun all day with various activities.
The reason why we chose this place is that children can play outside without worrying too much about the radioactivity. Soma Kindergarten is in the east part of Fukushima. So naturally any activitiy which involves playing outside has been restricted for children since the nuclear power plant accident.
And also train sections have been damaged due to the earth quake on March 11th, so the kindergarten has put off some field trips. When we heard about this, we decided to help the kindergarten and offer to bus them.

Today was sunny and mild, a perfect day for the field trip.

Children got on our bus with very good manner.

We stopped once for bathroom break on our way.

We got to "Iiyu",our destination. The first picture for souvenirs.

They are giving carrots to ponies.

They also gave carrots to goats. There were many other animals such as ducks, deer, pigs rabbits,cows and that. Children were fascinated by animals and playing outside.

After that, children sat on tatami mat and had lunch. They behaved so well.

Time passed in the blink of an eye and we headed for home safe and sound.

Their smiles were dazzling when they were playing outside without any worry all the more because they are not allowed to do so in their hometown in Fukushima.
On our way back they were all drowsy on the bus.
We really hope that the day will come when all the kindergartens can plan outdoor activities for children again as they used do before the disaster and children in the east area of Fukushima can play outside without any worry.
We will support them until the day comes.





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