Aid Delivery to affected people living in temporary housings

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In Minami Soma city, where the Mayer of the city issued a plea for help on You Tube in March and was named as one of the world's100 most influential people this year, are many temporary housings which have been built over the past several months after the massive earthquake.
Today, we delivered clothing as supplies to people whose temporary housings were a bit away from the centre of Minami Soma city. Today, members from other volunteer organisations helped us to provide clothing.

It was in June when we visited there for the first time. By the time, most people (76 households) had been settled in each temporary housing and the shops and supermarkets had started opening in the city centre, but there were some who had difficulty in going to the shops due to their old age or disabilities. That's why we went there for aid delivery.

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We spread out second hand clothing that many people sent us for them on the floor of the community gymnasium, then visited their housings one by one, letting them know that they could get clothing in the gym. We also asked them to come 30 minutes later so that everyone could get items equally without time lag.

While we were selecting items together, we talked a lot with them.
"Thank you for coming."
"Although I haven't got used to living here yet, I feel better than before. "
"I've started taking a walk whenever the weather is good."
"I've put on my weight since I evacuated, and still haven't got into shape. "
Those were the words of people we met.


The picture above is us after we came back from the delivery work.

Although we provided supplies today, We think that the needs of the affected people are shifting from daily necessities to other things as most people have moved into temporary housings. For example, classes to encourage regular exercise for health or
recreational programs to make new relationship and social community would be needed.

We would like to support the affected people in Minami Soma city as long as we can. Due to the relatively close distance from the Fukushima Daiici Nuclear Power Plant,
(most parts of the city are within 20-30 radius), this area is still in need of support.

We will sincerely appreciate your support.
And many thanks to Fukushima Hamadori network
and Tortoise volunteer centre
and people who volunteered with us.





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