Delivery of Water and Gift wreaths to Support Children

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Many parents who live in the eastern area of Fukushima are concerned about safety of water and they feel uneasy about their children drinking tap water although the authoritis run tests regularly and verify that tap water is drinkable.
We delivered plastic bottles of water for these parents and gift wreaths to Soma nursery, Soma city Tamano elementary school and junior high school. Also we delivered
samples of Tupperwares from "Rubbermade".

We visited Soma nursery first.

111206soma_2.jpg 111206soma_1.jpg

In the parking lot, we transshipped bottled water to two small trucks and two vans.
The picture on the right is us standing in front of our car.

On our way to the elementary school in Tamano section, it started snowing.
As It was also windy, the cold pierced us all the more.

We arrived at the elementary school.

111206soma_4.jpg 111206soma_5.jpg

We delivered each wreath to the elementary and junior high schools.
The head master of the elementary school said,
"It's beautiful. Children would be pleased. Thank you."
As for the other wreath, we passed it to the vice headmaster of the junior high school.

The nursery ,the elementary and the junior high school are all in one site.
111206soma_7.jpg 111206soma_8.jpg
A kindergarten to which we planned to make delivery broke up in November, so we left the water in classrooms so that they can have them when they are back.

"People in this area used to live on the water from wells, but they use private water -supply system now and the authorities run a test on the water weekly. The radioactivity has not been detected so far. However some parents won't let their children drink it. So your support of water supply helps us greatly. "said the head master of the elementary school.

We think it's necessary to keep delivering bottled water for the time being.
We would appreciate your support to maintain our volunteer works.
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