Delivery of a gift wreath and beanbags to Soma nursery and Exercise programs

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It's been more than 2 months since we started exercise programs at Soma nursery in October. Today we delivered a gift wreath of preserved flowers given in trust by "The Nippon Foundation" We also delivered 70 beanbags (network of needlework called "Chikuchiku kai" made for our exercise programs as a favour ) then started the exercises.

111202somahoikuen_1.jpg 111202somahoikuen_3.jpg

children with the wreath and beanbags.

We had done mat exercises previously, so we moved on to throwing exercises this time.


We used beanbags for these throwing exercises.
Children threw beanbags, aiming to get them through each decorated Hula-Hoop with an animal's face.

Children and nursery school teachers were very pleased with these gifts.
"Thank you for your support. Children are delighted and so are we.
Children tell their parents what they do here after they go back home,
so their parents will also pleased with the gifts and your work"
said Nakae, nursery school director.

Thank you for your corporation
《The Nippon Foundation》
Chikuchiku kai》 
session reports of "Chikuchiku kai" are on our blogs.






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